•State of the art online platform including mobile applications for better client comfort. Our advanced computer systems allow us to provide an unparalleled level of service. Our multi-platform computer system runs on software which has primarily been developed to protect the interest of all stakeholders whilst maintaining total transparency. Our platform manages paper claims under an effective and efficient Document Management System with imaging and document retrieval.

•Whealth Care Platform for Insurance Companies, its branches, brokers, reinsurers.

•Whealth Care Platform for Network Providers with an option for uploading agreed pricing with various medical providers.

•Whealth Care Platform with an option to upload the Table of Benefits for various policies including setting parameters to monitor inner limits and sessions.

•Module to download DHA and/or HAAD claims from the portal.

•Module to view downloaded claims and process claims based on the client TOB and pricing agreed with the medical provider.

•Facility to prepare Remittance files showing Payment details and Rejection details in XML format.

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