Core Functions

Health insurance Scheme Management

Dedicated Network teams with Direct Billing Agreements for out-patient and in-patient, a personalised Whealth Membership Smart Card and a seasoned in house consulting physician working in the claims and approval departments

Dedicated Accounts Manager

Adjusting and adapting the program to your needs throughout the life of the policy

Management Personal Accident (PA)

Having Personal Accident insurance will protect you and your family in the case of an unfortunate accident arising from everyday activities. 

What is considered as a Personal Accident? Any harm or injury to a person as a result of an unintentional accident or incident.

Personal accident insurance may provide financial compensation in the event of an accident causing temporary or permanent disability or death.

Detailed Statistical Reports Per Client

Follow-up and analysis of Healthcare consumption, benchmarking and profit and loss accounts per Company with Web Based Software Directly Accessible by all our partner Insurance Companies, Reinsurance partners and members. 

Web Based Software Directly Accessible By Any Insurance Company Broker Or Reinsurance.

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